Transfer Equivalency

Transfer Equivalency Guide

Wondering how your coursework from other institutions will transfer to UGA?

The Transfer Equivalency Search lists courses from other institutions and UGA equivalents that have been researched for previously admitted and current UGA students. These listings are not comprehensive and may be subject to change without notice.

Generally, courses designed to apply towards a bachelor’s degree should transfer and apply accordingly to a UGA bachelor’s degree. The UGA Department that offers the class a student wishes to receive credit for is the ultimate authority on how a class may transfer. The UGA Advisor or Graduation Coordinator of a program is the ultimate authority on how a transfer class may apply towards that degree.

General Rules for Transfer Equivalency
Academic College Degree Level Credit from an Institution accredited by their regional Association of Colleges and schools generally transfers (Bachelor’s Degree). Transfer/General Education Core at a Community or Technical College should transfer (Associate Degree). Non-Academic, Non-Accredited or Non-College level credit will not Transfer (Applied Associate Degree, Diploma, Certificate, and Continuing Education)

Transfer Equivalency Search Results
Courses or Schools not on the Equivalency Search have not been researched and general rules of transfer are the only resource for determining transferability before acceptance. Nontransferable Courses (MATH0099 = NTFR0TXX) DO NOT transfer or count towards Admissions Requirements.

Transfer Electives (MATH1005 = MATH1TXX), General Education Core Electives (MATH1111 = MATH1GXX) and Direct Equivalents (MATH2250 = MATH2250) will transfer, count towards Admissions Requirements and may apply towards a UGA degree.

Transfer Credit and Degree Requirements
Transfer Electives could satisfy requirements as they do at the Source Institution, but may require additional review. General Education Core Electives satisfy core requirements, University System of Georgia (USG) core to core is guaranteed. Direct Equivalents satisfy requirements as UGA courses.

For more information, please visit our Transfer Equivalency FAQ.


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